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25 February 2017 - An installment of two repaints by Tom Weiss for the Mirage 2000C from Metal2Mesh.  These are both fictitious representatives of USAF Air National Guard units.  Included are the 162nd Fighter Squadron "Cougars" of the Ohio ANG and the 194th Fighter Squadron of the Califonia ANG.

12 February 2017 - I have found an improved scenery for my favorite French Air Force base.  Gérard Finaltéri, webmaster at Virtual Cors'Air, has made updates to the scenery for BA 126 Solanzara (LFKS) he released in December 2009 with Christian Santoni.  He has also put together several new traffic files to update the visiting aircraft to include the Rafale.  I recommend using this scenery with the Hi-Definition photoreal ground polygon by Gilbert Gaussorgues.

2 February 2017 - Another installment of repaints by Tom Weiss for the Mirage 2000C from Metal2Mesh.  These are all fictitious representatives of real Israeli Air Force F-16 or F-15 units.  Included are 115 Agressor Squadron (The Flying Dragon Squadron), 106 Squadron (The Spearhead Squadron), 119 Squadron (The Bat Squadron -- below), and 109 Squadron (The Valley Squadron).

21 January 2017 - Sim Skunk Works have given an update on the status of their forthcoming Mirage F1.  "F1 development has been stopped for a while to give precedence to update F104 S/G with new radar and new weapon.  It will resume soon, hope to have something serious to show you within the first quarter of 2017."  That is good news and hopefully anything learned from the F-104G/S update will be applied to their Mirage F1.

18 January 2017 - Today is the birthday of Bertrand Barbé, a long time contributor of texture repaints for Mirage and Rafale subjects.  Bertrand has painted two textures for the Rafale Marine by Roland Laborie.  The first represents Rafale M n°27 of Flotille 11F as it appeared at the 2014 NATO Tiger Meet.  The second represents Rafale M n°32 as it was painted for the 90th Anniversary ceremonies of Flotille 11F in 2012.

8 January 2017 - La Royal French Navy (RFN) have released their new maritime AI Traffic for FCLP (Field Carrier Landing Practice).  All necessary scenery files are included as well as Alizé, Crusader, Etendard IVM and IVP, Hawkeye, Rafale, Super-Etendard, and Zephyr aircraft.  More information here.

3 January 2017 - Starting off the new year with another repaint from Tom Weiss for the Mirage 2000C from Metal2Mesh.  In this installment a fictional aircraft in the markings of 76 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force.

    1 January 2017 - Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All!

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