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4 March 2021 - L'iguane has been working on a series of updates (custom MDLs and effects) and repaints for the FS2004 Mirage 2000N "Basic" package by Roland Laborie and Johnathan Hillaire.  The first is a Mirage 2000B of EC 2/2 Côte d'Or.  This series of repaints will all require this first Mirage 2000B upgrade package on top of the original package mentioned above.

21 February 2021 - Here is another repaint by Mark (Tranquil) Beale.  This one is for the Rafale AI by Nick Black/MAIW.  The scheme is for a Rafale M and wears special markings to commemorate the 100 years of aircraft carrier takeoff/landings by the French Aéronavale in 2020.  The unit represented is the Centre d'Expérimentations Pratiques de l'Aéronautique Navale (Naval Aviation Trials Center, CEPA) based at BAN Hyères (LFTH).

8 February 2021 - Mark (Tranquil) Beale has painted a few new schemes for Mirage and Rafale aircraft.  This first one is a special scheme applied to a former Belgium Air Force Mirage 5BD.  The aircraft is now maintained by the Mirage 5 BD09 Restoration Group.  The scheme commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Mirage 5 in Belgium Air Force service in 2020.

29 January 2021 - While trolling for anything new and Mirage related I came across an FSX panel from a decade ago for the Super Étendard Modernisé I had not seen before.  This panel by Jean-Luc Peters is a widescreen version of the earlier modifications he made to the panel by Danny Garnier.  A separate patch file released two years later fixes an issue with outside views from the cockpit.

17 January 2021 - SkyDesigners have updated another of their French airbase sceneries for use with MSFS.  This time they have made BAN Landivisiau (LFRJ) as it appeared in the 2010s with the Super Étendard Modernisé, Rafale M, and Falcon 10 Mer.

9 January 2021 - SkyDesigners have begun to update their French airbase sceneries for use with MSFS.  Things tend to look very good in the new sim anyway and these sceneries are no exception.  The first two are BA 102 Dijon-Longvic (LFSD) and BA 112 Reims-Champagne (LFSR).

3 January 2021 - Let's start off the new year with some new paint.  L'iguane has given us another repaint for the Mirage F1 by Kirk Olsson.  This repaint is of a Mirage F1CR of ER 2/33 'Savoie' of the Armée de l'Air while deployed to N'djamena Intl Airport (FTTJ) in Chad, Africa in 1987.  The unique part of this desert camo scheme is the sharksmouth on the nose of the aircraft.

    1 January 2021 - Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All!

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