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12 March 2023 - Now that the VPA Rafale C is available again, L'iguane has begun to release his new texture sets.  The first is in markings to commemorate the 10 years of EC 1/7 'Provence' Rafale C in the United Arab Emirates.  Also included is a modified MDL file.  You will need the complete Rafale C to be installed installed.

26 February 2023 - Sorry about the lack of updates over the past month.  I have been very busy with work.  But I have some good news in two parts.  First, L'iguane has been reworking the textures of the FS2004 VPA Rafale.  And secondly, as a result I have finally decided to go along with VPA's request of long ago and make the aircraft available from this website starting with the Rafale C.  There are strict distribution limitations that will be enforced by the VPA members and Dassault Aviation so you are advised to read the documentation carefully.

14 January 2023 - The second Mirage F1CR repaint for MSFS 2020 by JanKees Blom is another in the fleet of ATAC.  This example wears the stardard green/gray camouflage of the aircraft while in service with the Armée de l'Aire.

8 January 2023 - I finally made it back from Colorado so let's get 2023 started.  For the MSFS 2020 conversion of the Mirage F1, JanKees Blom has painted two schemes of the aircraft operated in the tactical airborne training role by ATAC (Airborne Tactical Advantage Company) in the United States.  This first one was one of the F1CR specially painted for the retirement ceremonies of the Mirage F1 in Armée de l'Aire service in 2014.  It retained that scheme while flying for ATAC.  Sadly the aircraft crashed in February 2022 after an engine flame-out.

    1 January 2023 - Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All!

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