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So you've downloaded a couple Mirage aircraft and they look pretty good.  But they look a little out of place sitting at a civilian airport.  I have collected airbase sceneries for nations that operate the Mirage (see the menu below).

It is also very common for NATO and other nations to cross train and/or participate in each other's air shows.  This means flying to one or the other's base of operations.  To make the flights between airbases more interesting, particularly across France, I have collected several scenery add-ons for France.

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Name: France/Corsica Terrain Mesh Scenery
File: FRA_V1.ZIP (6.1MB) and 2_FRA_V1.ZIP (4.7MB)
Released: February 2001
Designer: Raimondo Tabure
Notes: Covers all of France and the Island of Corsica.  Designed for FS2000.

Name: Corsica/Sardina Terrain Mesh Scenery
File: (17.5MB)
Released: January 2002
Designer: Thierry Pignot
Notes: Covers islands of Sardina and Corsica.  Designed for FS2002.

   Name: Corse Version 1
File: CORSEO4.ZIP (7.9MB)
FSX Update (14.5MB)
Released: September 2004
Designer: Toni Agramont
Notes: Cities and towns for the island of Corsica.  Designed for FS2004.  Recommended for use with Corsica mesh scenery by Jean Gabriel Laurent.  Requires FSNova texture files.
Update for additional towns.

   Name: VFR Scenery for Corsica
File: (8.5MB) Updates
Released: November 2006
Designer: Alexandre Cadel
Notes: VFR scenery (cities, towns, and other landmarks) for the island of Corsica.  Designed for FS2004.  See Readme.  Recommended for use with Corsica Sardaigne mesh scenery (17.5MB) by Pignot Thierry.

   Base Name: Bonifacio Citadel
Released: November 2001
Designer: Alexandre Cadel
Notes: Scenery for city and Citadel at Bonifacio on the southernmost tip of the Island of Corsica.  A short flight from Figari (LFKF).  Designed for FS2000.

   Name: Calvi Ste-Catherine (LFKC)
File: CALVI.ZIP (502KB)
Released: August 2001
Designer: Alexandre Cadel
Notes: Scenery for city and Citadel at Calvi Ste-Catherine on the Island of Corsica.  Designed for FS2000.

   Name: Ajaccio on Corsica
Released: June 2001
Designer: Alexandre Cadel
Notes: Scenery for city of Ajaccio located on Island of Corsica, 6 NM West from Campo Dell 'Oro airport (LFKJ).  Designed for FS2000.  Also download AJAC_FIX.ZIP (45KB).

Name: France 98
Files: Alain Leduc's Website
Released: April 1999
Designer: Alain Leduc
Notes: Designed for FS98.  Covers just about every airport and airbase in France.  Check out Alain's website for a list of all that's included.

   Name: France Project (FRP)
Link: Olivier Bochu's website
Released: Continually Updated
Designer: Olivier Bochu
Notes: FS2000, 2002, 2004 sceneries for Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes, Toulon, St. Tropez, Marseille, Nevers, Lyon, and Mont St. Michel, etc.

Name: Island of Corsica
Link: Christian Santoni files at
Released: September - November 2002
Designer: Christian Santoni
Notes: Detailed FS2000/FS2002 scenery for airports and cities on Island of Corsica.  Designed around Thierry Pignot's Corsica/Sardina Terrain Mesh Scenery (above).

   Base Name: Saint Tropez la Mole Airport (LFTZ)
File: SkyDesigners - Saint-Tropez.rar (194MB)
Released: February 2013
Designer: SkyDesigners
Notes: Payware scenery for FSX.  Civilian vacation hot spot.  Very complex scenery with static general aviation aircraft, realistic AFCAD, custom buildings and surrounding areas.  More images.

Name: French Riviera and Southern France
Released: June 1998
Designer: Jason M. Lange
Notes: Adds detail to several civilian airports in southern France area.  Something to buzz over or fly to for a weekend rendezvous.

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