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  by Jason Ashworth

  (Reviewed January 2002)

As I've reported a couple of times over the past year, Jason Ashworth has been developing a Mirage IIIEZ concurrent with the Mirage IIICZ that he released last month.  I had a look at the IIIEZ sans textures last July.  It was obvious even then that the graceful lines of the Mirage IIIE had been faithfully captured.  I flew it again last week with textures and was even more impressed.  You'll enjoy this one.
      Though delivered in bare metal, South African Air Force (SAAF) Mirage IIIEZ began receiving an Olive Drab and Buff camouflage scheme in 1971.  Jason has done a nice job of matching the pattern and colors as well as the insignia of No. 3 Squadron (Hornets) on the tail.  The squadron re-equipped with the Mirage F1 in 1975.

An afterburner in the style introduced by Oxyd with his Mirage 2000/Rafale is included.  Like the previously released Mirage IIICZ, the exhaust petals adjust to the throttle.  The many subtle and not so subtle differences between the IIIEZ from the IIICZ are included.  Notice the extended oleos of the main gear in the image below.      

      Demonstrating a trick used by Mirage pilots to reduce the landing roll after a 180Kt approach, the drag chute has been deployed just before touchdown.  The airbrakes have also been extended.  The Mirage IIIEZ was operated by the SAAF from 1965 to 1986 and eventually formed the basis for the Cheetah E program.

For his earlier Mirage IIICZ, Jason took photos of Mirage aircraft on display at the SAAF Museum.  He then took those photos and applied them to the landing gear struts, gear wells, and wheels/tires for a very realistic looking set of landing gear.  This same level of detail is present on his IIIEZ.      

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