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  Mirage F1 (v1)
  by Kirk Olsson

  (Previewed May 2002)

Just over a year ago Kirk Olsson of Florida, USA released his first Mirage F1 for FS2000.  The aircraft was made using FSDS and at the time was a big jump forward in design and detail.  Several repainters have produced new texture file sets to keep the momentum going.  As Kirk admitted during our emails since then, this was one of his first releases and his later work had shown him how to improve upon it.

Kirk plans to release his new Mirage F1 in two versions.  First as a single air superiority blue/ gray painted F1C-200 (right) with default sounds (for reduced download size).  The follow-on full package will include three Mirage F1's shown here to the right and the two below.  Each with a different paint scheme and multiple weapons loadouts.   F1C-200 from EC 3/12 'Cornouaille' - 47KB

F1CR from ER 1/33 'Belfort'   Mirage F1CR from ER 1/33 "Belfort" in desert camouflage.  The aircraft carries two Belouga dispensor bombs below each wing and a Phimat decoy launcher pod on the right outer station.  Matra Magic missiles are on the wingtips and a 1200-liter fuel tank is carried on the fuselage centerline.

Mirage F1CR from ER 2/33 "Savoie" in tactical camouflage.  In addition to the wingtip mounted Matra Magic missiles, a Phimat decoy launcher pod, and a 1200-liter fuel tank, the aircraft also carries a pair of Matra Super 530 missiles.     F1CR of ER 2/33 'Savoie'

Approach - 18KB   There will be a dynamic virtual cockpit, custom sounds and maximum animation.  Notable animations include:
  1. Accurate gear sequence
  2. Gear Compression
  3. Spoilerons
  4. Drag chute
  5. Animated Pilot
  6. And a realistic afterburner

As you can imagine it will be a pretty hefty download, but it should be worth it.

On the ground the landing gear struts will compress under load.  This can been seen by comparing the image above of the aircraft on approach and the image at right just after touchdown.  Kirk has also accurately modeled the slat and flap positions.     Touchdown - 33KB

Thirsty? - 18KB   Kirk has referred to this as version 2 of his Mirage F1.  It is actually a new aircraft from the ground up.  The changes from the original are based on a list of comments I sent to Kirk and new reference materials.  Like the original, this aircraft was made using FSDS.  Because the weapon's loads are fixed the aircraft is intended for use with FS2002 only.

According to Kirk, "I chose the F1, because it's a cool looking plane and it isn't made often.  There are so many F-16's, F-15's, F-18's, and so on.  All of which are pretty good.  I prefer to make planes that I feel don't get much attention."  Thank you Kirk.  I have a feeling this one will get plenty of attention.     Afterburner - 12KB

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Header photo © Jean-François Garmy.
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