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  Mirage 5BR
  by Colin Norwood

  (Previewed October 2000)

Colin Norwood has nearly completed his updating and conversion of Anton Coetzee's Cheetah AFX to a Mirage 5BR.  He has been sending along images to show the progress.  The first version released will be the "Mephisto" Mirage 5BR from Belgium followed by other Mirage 5 and III variants.

      This wire frame image taken from Aircraft Factory 99 shows the flap-activated drag chute (similar to Jason Ashworth's Cheetah D).

You can see from this untextured example that the control surfaces and gear are now on.  The aircraft also has a more realistic engine exhaust.      

      He has also added fuel tanks and all gear doors.  The landing gear and doors will be fully animated.  This image shows a Mirage 5BR in the camouflage pattern worn by the Belgian Air Force

He has split the fuselage, tail and wing surfaces into sections to give a better texture resolution.  There are over a dozen textures used now.  This image shows one Mirage 5BR of 42 Sqn Belgian Air Force as it was painted to mark the unit's 70th anniversary.      

Header image Copyright Belgium Air Force.  All others by Colin Norwood.
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