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  Mirage IIIB
  by Restauravia

  (Previewed May 2013)

For the past year the very talented team at Restauravia have been working on a new Mirage IIIB for FSX/Acceleration.  I was recently given the opportunity to preview and help test the release package of this new model.  Following the IIIB, the team have development plans for the IIIC and IIIE.
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      The model was developed for FSX Acceleration. Use with FSX SP2 and not Acceleration will not accurately render all the flight dynamics, particularly supersonic performance.  The overall performance of the model is close to the real aircraft thanks to feedback from Mirage pilots during development.

An Aircraft Configuration panel allows you to set up the aircraft before or during the flight to include number of crew, external fuel tank types, and internal/external fuel levels.  There are also options for parked configuration (see bottom aircraft image).    

      The images on this page show the fuel tank options: no tanks (top), 500 litre super- sonic tanks (above), 600 litre subsonic tanks (left), and 1300 litre subsonic tanks (below).  Two versions are included: one with all features and a second "lite" version for networked multi- player mode.

Using 3D Gmax the exterior models were made by Philippe Penot.  André Chancel made the virtual cockpit.  The textures are by Philippe Penot and Marc Hardouin.  The sounds are by Jean Michel Renaux.  And the flight model is by JeanPierre Bourgeois (BeeGee) and Benoit Dubé.      

      A Ground Controlled Approach experience is featured for several airbases and includes recorded voices (see video).  Among the many cockpit systems included are working TACAN radio, Automatic Pitch Trim, and an Approach Auto Throttle to keep the thrust at the optimized speed to landing.

Complete front and rear cockpits are included.  Areas on the front cockpit can be clicked to make the frame transparent for improved visibility during approach.  Engine startup procedures from "cold and dark" are accurately reproduced.      

The very complete user's manual includes several pages on the characteristics of the delta wing in subsonic and supersonic flight.  There are also several pages covering all aspects of flying the Mirage III in FSX from engine startup and radio operations to takeoff and landing.

Also have a look at these other in-game videos: Solo Flight and Formation Flight

A 1.1 Update has been release to address issues with multiplayer mode.

February 2018 Update : The Mirage IIIB had been updated for the new 64-bit environment of Prepar3d v4.  The texture mapping from previous versions remains the same so the dozens of repaints avaialble will work.  The image below is from Prepar3D v4.2.

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