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  Dassault Rafale
  by GMAX Académie

  (Previewed April 2010)

I first was made aware of this Rafale project when Pierre Marchadier emailed several images (top image below) back in September 2007.  At the same time Pierre told me he had joined a new team, the GMAX Académie (Gmax-Ac), "a kind of french".  The goal being to help new 3D modelers to create their own planes.  In March 2010 it was announced at GMAX Académie forum that this Rafale project was being cancelled.  Quel dommage.

Work on the project continued into 2008 with Jéjé assisting Pierre.  Originally there were plans to make four versions for FS2004: the Rafale C, Rafale B, Rafale M, and Rafale NR.  

  In early 2009, after a brief time out period, Pierre announced with new images (left) that the Rafale is back in full swing with Johanthan Hilare (alias Rooster) now assisting Pierre with managing the project.  As with the Aéronavale, the two-seat Rafale NR was dropped from the project.

The goal, as with other GMAX Académie projects, is to make a "Simple and Effective" model, by no means the last word on the subject.

Some of the textures being painted by Johanthan Hilare.  At right is the camouflage scheme applied to the Rafale B01 demonstrator.


  Pierre and Jéjé continue to work on the visual model.

To left is the Rafale B of EC 5/330 "Cote d'Argent" wearing the 2007 Tiger Meet scheme from Landivisiau BAN.

Beta testing for the project will be done by the team of the Virtual CEV/CEAM.

To the right is the Rafale B wearing Tiger Meet scheme from the 2006 Tiger Meet at Albacete AB in Spain.


  A full set of armaments are planned including external tanks, MICA IR and RF missiles, laser quided bombs, and a buddy pack for aerial refueling of the Rafale M.

At left is the Rafale company demonstrator from the Dubai Air Show in 2007 with beige helmet worn by Dassault Aviation test pilot Eric Gérard.

In keeping with the project goal of "Simple and Effective" a VC will be included but the real work will go into the 2D panel by Johanthan Hilare who will also assist Pierre with the sound files.  Jean Pierre Langer will make the gauges.

Shown here is the 2D panel under development.


All images from GMAX Académie.
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