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  Dassault Mirage 2000
  by GMAX Académie

  (Previewed July 2009)

This project begun back in 2005, before the GMAX Académie was formed.  It began with a desire by Pierre Marchadier to make an aircraft for Flight Simulator that he and others involved knew very well from their lives.  The goal was not to make a super model but rather a beautiful digital model that is fun to fly.  After some false starts in the 3D modeling and much learning along the way, the project is finished.

The visual model is the work of Pierre Marchadier with assistance from Jéjé.  Work began back in the days of  It was always planned to include both single seat and two-seat versions.  The final list of aircraft includes the 2000B, 2000C, 2000D, 2000N, 2000-5F, 2000-9, and export models.  

  The visual models include several optional weapons loadouts.  The complexity of the models ranges from 46,000 polygons for the clean single seat Mirage 2000C to 68,000 for the armed two-seaters. 

The flight model was put together by Pierre Marchadier, a former Armée de l'Air pilot with experience in the Mirage 2000.  The flight models are individually tuned for the particular versions -- both single-seat and two-seaters.  Based on his experience, Pierre also put together the sound package for the series.    

  Each version has the correct instrument package and gauge layout.  The GMAX Académie Mirage series uses gauges from the FS2004 Mirage 2000 by Roland Laborie (Rollus13) and radar by Eric Marciano.  Jonathan Hilaire (Rooster) textured the instrument panels and cockpits.

  • The Mirage 2000B package includes 8 external configurations and 10 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000C package includes 8 external configurations and 23 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000D package includes 11 external configurations and 16 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000N package includes 6 external configurations and 15 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000 Export package includes 17 models/configurations and 13 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000-5F package includes 6 external configurations and 7 texture sets.
  • The Mirage 2000-9 package includes 11 external configurations and 13 texture sets.
  • Check out this in-game video of Le nouveau Mirage 2000 D de Gmax Académie by Matheo Philips.

    Jonathan also textured all of the models.  Here are some examples (top to bottom) of the Armée de l'Air 2000-5F of EC 1/2 "Cigognes", Dassault Company Prototype, Armée de l'Air 2000C of EC 5/330 "Côte d' Argent", and 2000H of the Indian Air Force.    




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