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  Mirage III Update
  by Jens-Ole Kjølberg

  (Previewed June 2005)

Some time ago Jason Ashworth sent a new visual model for his Mirage IIICZ.  This one added a pair of Kukri missiles to the already included supersonic underwing tanks.  After some research (thank you Thinus Pretorius for your assistance) I began painting up a new version in the gray low-visibility scheme applied to some South Africa Air Force (SAAF) IIICZ's but I never quite finished it.  Recently Jens-Ole Kjølberg expressed interest in updating the Mirage IIIC of Jason Ashworth for use with FS2004 so I sent what I had done.  Although it dates back to FS2002 and December 2001, this version still most closely captures the "shape" of the Mirage III (until this one).  When flown in FS2004 (see my conversion notes) some animation is lost (in particular the animated afterburner effect and the distinctive Atar 09B exhaust petals) but all flight control surfaces and landing gear animation is retained.

  The first release wears a gray low-visibility scheme worn by the 2 Sqdn "Flying Cheetahs" of the SAAF during the Bush War of 1975 to 1988.  With care the landing gear and control surface animation is retained in FS2004.  The afterburner effect is now simulated using FX Effects files.  This example also displays a previously unreleased weapons load of supersonic wing tanks and Kukri missiles.

The Mirage IIICZ was originally delivered to the SAAF in a bare metal scheme.  Jens-Ole has done an outstanding job of replicating that.  The example to the right shows how the 2 Sqdn "Flying Cheetahs" looked after delivery in 1963.  

  Jens-Ole has painted up two examples in Israel Air Force marking as they appeared in the 1960's with bare metal and distinctive squadron colors.  This pair are from the 101 Squadron (red and white rudder stripes) and display several kill markings.  Here is a description of a fight between the Mirage and a MiG.

A new panel (sans radar) is being developed for this series using a modified photo of a Mirage IIIRZ panel.  Military jet instruments are from the Hawker Hunter panel by Saverio Maurri and the Super Etendard panel by Romain and Laurent Lucas, and Eric Marciano.  

All images Copyright Jens-Ole Kjølberg.
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