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  Denel Aviation Cheetah C
  by Jason Ashworth

  (Previewed April 2003)

Between time spent working on his thesis project for his Masters in Engineering (see where he works) Jason Ashworth has been working on finishing his Denel Cheetah C.  Three versions will be available: "Clean", with empty outer wing missile rails; "Bomb Payload", loaded with wing tanks and eight bombs; and "R-Darter", loaded with a pair of air-to-air missiles.  Jason is working on some final touches and the instrument panel (in conjunction with Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway).  If all goes well, we should begin seeing these aircraft starting to be released very soon (early May?).

Here is Jason's Cheetah C taking off in "clean" configuration.  As he does with all of his FSDS designed aircraft, he has made this series fully animated including compressible landing gear, moving gear doors, control surfaces, ...      

      ... and airbrakes.  The very effective braking chute is deployable and the exhaust petals move as thrust changes.  He has included a good-looking afterburner effect as well.

This version, know as the "R-Darter" is similar to the "clean" version except that it carries a pair of Denel Kentron R-Darter missiles.  Also known to the SAAF as the "V4", this is a beyond visual range (BVR) air-to-air missile.      

      Think fast!  Is he turning away from you or into you?  It's not too difficult to tell from this distance but try it from a mile away (in CFS2 perhaps?).  Jason has applied his usual great finish to the textures with plenty of attention to the details.  This air-to-air camouflage includes the false canopy on the bottom.

The "Bomb Payload" version will carry eight practice bombs.  There are two on the centerline pylon, one each on the wing root pylons, and two each attached below the wing tanks.  There's still room on the outer pylons for a pair of air-to-air missiles.      

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