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On the following pages are Mirage (and related) aircraft for Flight Simulator 5.0a to FSX that I have collected from the usual file upload locations on the Internet as well as some lesser known, more specialized sites.  There are also several that were submitted by the designers/repainters and are therefore unique to this website.  Anything I've made is here as well.  For those adventurous souls I've included some AFX and FSC source files so you can create/modify your own.  I've also included some notes on what you might expect when you bring aircraft designed for previous versions of Flight Simulator into more recent versions.

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Download and use these files at your own risk.  Neither the owner of this website, nor the authors of the individual files, make any warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the quality, suitability or safety of any software included on the aircraft pages listed above, and will not assume any responsibility for loss, injury, or damage resulting from their use.  For what it's worth, they all work fine on my system. - Frank Safranek

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